Recent clutch looking for insight

Paired an imported female to an orange dream lesser got some nice looking babies but I’m having trouble determining if these have orange dream or just normals
Female #1

Female #2

Female #3

The only male


Can you get belly shots of 1-3?

Can you get pics without the flash (it washes out the colours)?

Tentatively I will say yes, no, maybe, and I do not think so

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The first one looks like an orange dream. Not sure about the others.






1 is the only one that looks like od to me. Congrats though on your clutch

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With the additional photos, I concur

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The male imo doesn’t look like a normal, far from it actually. Unless it was shown for comparison to the others, what would the ID for that one be?

The male is a Lesser. You did not add a flash-free photo of him so I cannot make a call on whether it has OD

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