Recessive Counts Option in Search Filter [3542, DONE]

I’m not sure how to word this correctly where I get my idea a cross, but I’m going to give it a try. It would be neat to have the option to view double/triple/quad+ het animals without having to search each individual recessive project or to type in the genes you’re looking for.

I already know sellers will mark an animal het clown/pied (just an example), but it would be cool if in the search options you could have an option to view double + recessives. Like If I check the box on recessive only under trait types, I’d like to eventually see another dropdown option underneath it where it says “double het”, “triple het”, “quad het”, “whatever name five het is”, etc. so you can view ads that correlate to having the already relayed amount of hets your looking for.

Then it’s up to the person there to go view the ads that might interest them. I’d like to see what quad hets are available (since I know several people sell them), but searching for them is difficult. I can be off one by het and miss a completely badass animal. :fire:

Anyways… that was my idea. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense >.<


I understand what you are saying - a “Multi-Het” search option and then a numeric designator for the number of the ‘multi’

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Let me know if I’m misunderstanding you, but you do know you can search for multi het animals in the advanced search, right?


I believe where she’s going with this is being able to search hets in general, without there being specific types tied to it. So you could search for a quad het and have a het clown, pied, g stripe, Albino show up, as well as a het hypo, lavender, ultramel, pied show up.

That way you aren’t limiting to the specific genes, but can see any and all quad het animals


@t_h_wyman and @nswilkerson1 understood me completely ha-ha. Thank goodness! :pray:
I was going to bring this up to @john at Arlington if I saw him and was away from my table


Ah I see, okay, thanks for clarifying.


I like this idea a lot! Ill create a ticket for it.


This doesn’t go on the index page as much as animal search. We are about to release a new version of search, within a week. That search will have more options for filtering by trait.

It has filters like this:


After discussing with the team, we feel the least confusing way to introduce this option is with an extra select below the min/max trait counts. It will say “Counting” with select options: [Any trait (default), Het recessives, Visual recessives, Any recessive].

I feel like this addresses many scenarios without adding many more options.

What do you think?

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Sounds reasonable and like a solid plan. I think this would help a lot of people down the road when doing recessive projects or looking to get into recessive projects. Excited for the next update!