Recessive genetics

Am I right in thinking to get a double recessive visual this would need to be achieved by meeting 2 normal 100% hats

For example

To get ultramel clown you would need to

First mate

Ultramel x clown produce normal 100% het ultramel 100% het clown

Then breed 2 of these snakes together

Normal 100% het ultramel 100% het clown x normal 100% het ultramel 100% het clown will potentially produce a ultramel clown

Not quite. You need 2 copies of any recessive trait for it to be visual. So to produce an ultramel clown BOTH parents need to have ultramel and clown in them to be able to possibly pass them on.

And you probably want one or both parents to already be visuals of one or the other.

100% double het ultramel clown x 100% double het ultramel clown only gives you a 6% chance of getting an ultramel clown baby.

A 100% het ultramel x 100% het clown pairing is only going to produce babies that in theory would be half het clown and half het ultramel

I have wrote what I mentioned wrong lol gets confusing let me edit it and say it how I ment to

Yes you could but you’d only have a 6% chance of getting the ultramel clown if both parents are double het.

If this was a goal I would recommend at least one parent or even both be a visual to up your chances.

Well for me it’s one step at a time lol although a ultramel clown would be fantastic ( and just looked there is none on the market in uk that I can find ) I am starting small one recessive I want work with clown for sure

I was asking to be sure my understanding of the visual double was correct and the method in witch the first of a kind double visual was created

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I will only play the het game if one of the pairing is a visual…NO GUESSING THAT WAY…het x het guaruntees a poss het but visual clowm x visual ghost GUARUNTEES A double het…it’s a long road anyway and trust me when I say there isnt anything in this hobby more disappointing than a 66% poss not proving out…it cost more short term but is actually cheaper in the long run going visual

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