Recommendation for female BEL!

Been looking for a female for a while. Let me know where to look!

Morphmarket is a great place to look. Lol


Yeah, just search for them on the MM marketplace. And here, read the guidelines for the forums.

Because we will not promote a breeder over another as it would not be fair I will recommend you to visit and use the search filter.


Make sure you search all the different ways BELs can be made. Unfortunately BELs are a bit tricky to find on MM since they can be butter, lesser, mojave, russo, bamboo, etc and any combination of those so if you just search “blue eyed lucy” or “BEL” you will likely miss many results.

I personally would recommend typing these combos into the search bar on Morph Market, as they tend to produce what are in my opinion the whitest snakes, and they tend to hold their lack of color better.

Super Lesser
Super Butter
Lesser Butter
Lesser Russo
Butter Russo

Note: Lesser and butter are believed by most to be the same gene; however, they have different names and origins.

When inquiring about super lessers, super butters, lesser butters, its important to ask about the condition of the eyes. Some breedings will regularly produce snakes with eye defects, the eyes can be too large, too small, or uneven.
Ask the breeder if the eyes are correctly sized, symmetrical, and line up correctly.

The Lesser Russos, and Butter Russos, tend to not be as clean as the super lessers, super butters, and lesser butters, they usually have an off white stripe extending from the base of the skull and down the spine; however, they are still much cleaner than most combos, like the lesser mojaves for example, and they are not commonly prone to eye defects.

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