Today is the the fifth day I’ve had my juvenile ball python… the place I got her from told me to start off with fuzzy mice… just when should I try feeding her at what time of the day is best?? And should I do live or thawed?? If thawed what is the best way to heat up?

It’s typical to wait at least a week before feeding, so feed in no less than a couple days. Feeding when they’re active at night is best, about right when they wake up, that time will depend on your snake. Feed exactly what she was fed before, if you don’t know and can’t find out if she was fed frozen or live start with frozen. There are many different ways that mice are heated. I’m not sure on details for most of them but what you can do is thaw the mouse overnight in the fridge. To heat after thawed, put the mouse in warm water (about 100*), and wait for it to get up to temperature (use an IR temperature reader for this; if needed the water will likely be changed out multiple times).


Alternative means for frozen/thawed prep:

I get the frozen feeder and place it in a a ziplock and let it sit out at room temp for a few hours to thaw. Usually I will do this near the animals cage so it begins to get the scent from the food item. About an hour before lights out, I fill a bucket with hot tap water (as hot as it will go) and then drop the ziplocked bag in there. Depending on how many feeders I am warming up and how thawed out they are, they are generally ready to go in 10-30 minutes. I do not use a thermometer on my feeders, if the water is still on the hotter side of warm then I consider them to be in the right range. Then just grab them with long forceps and do the mouse zombie dance


Sounds exactly like my routine.

I don’t know about Ball Pythons feeding habits so i don’t know if they behave in the same manner as my Rosys. When my Rosys are hungry they will “swim” their enclosure that seems to be the way they tell me they are hungry.

I ziplock frozen mouse making sure to squeeze out the air so when i put it in hot water i can submerge it to evenly thaw and heat, my rosys can see the mouse better warm vs. Room temperature and will quickly snatch the mouse, the only time they seem in a hurry to do anything :woman_shrugging: :joy:. As the guys said wait the week before feeding when new so they can settle in. My 1st week i put a blanket on the top and leave them be, only open to fill water if needed. I use small water bowls for them because of humidity, for Balls obviously they have different requirements. Im sure you will learn quick enough when your snake wants food.

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