Recovering a User Login

Hi, I am the dinosaur (just got my first Smartphone!) and am in some serious need of help. Recently my computer suddenly crashed. Nothing would get it back up and running, and I had stupidly saved so many passwords in it. Won’t do that again! I got a new one, tried to get things up and running pre-crash, but hit a wall with everything! Passwords I had written down didn’t seem to work! LONG story short, I had to re-invent the wheel with so many things and had to set up a new Gmail account with a different email address. Now I can’t get into my MorphMarket store. I have gone to the Contact Us and asked for help 4 times, but no one has gotten back to me. I need to talk to a computer genius (John?) who can tell me how to get back to my store with a new email address. I have 9 clutches about to hatch, and am in a panic. I am a founding member, and don’t want to sell elsewhere. I love MorphMarket. What can I do?

Hi Cindy,

We have replied 4 times to your emails, please search through your inbox, spam, junk, and/or promotional folders for the emails you don’t seem to be getting… sometimes they can end up there.

If you can’t find our responses still, please let me know on here and we can sort it out through messages on here :blush:


You are an angel! I will look and see now, but I didn’t see anything before. I will get back to you. Thank you so much!!!

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Eaglereptiles, I found them! They were in Spam. The email set-up is even new and I am having to learn where everything is. Judy had responded to my first request for help, and I just replied to her message. She said she can get me back in! Thank you so very, very much. This old dinosaur appreciates you!

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You are more than welcome Cindy. I’m glad we can get this sorted for you :blush: