Red Eyed Lucy Question

Hello, I was wondering if all Albino BELs were called Cherry Bombs or if it just Albino Super Mojaves? For example if someone were to produce an Albino Lesser/Butter or any other variation of Albino BEL, could those be considered Cherry Bombs as well?

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You could probably call them whatever you want lol. As long as you disclose the correct genes the snake possesses. You don’t see a lot of red eyed Lucy’s so I’m not really sure anyone has come up with names for the other combos.

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I have only heard of the Albino SuperMojaves referred to as CherryBombs


So, to continue the conversation: I can’t find any documentation of a Lavender Albino Lucy. I presume this would create a red eyed snake as well. Anyone ever seen or created one?


Well Garrick DeMeyer has made albino cherry bombs and if I am not mistaken he said he wanted to make Lav cherry bombs. This was in a video I saw about a year or so ago so I dont know if he has created any since then.


Thanks for the responses!

I would really like to see Lav Cherry Bombs. Or Candino BELs too. I like how Albino BELs have pinker looking eyes.

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I see Garrick recently posted a red eyed Ivory he hit, but I haven’t seen any info on a Lavender Lucy. Hmmm… Give me a couple years, I think I’m adding this to the project list.


Lav BluEL and Candino BluEL would pretty much look like a REL. At hatch they would basically be identical but as they age, their eyes would change a little as a result of the small degree of melanin that both the Lav and Candino/Candy produce/accumulate over time