Reptile escape stories

(Wow that’s impressive!
Yeah I used to shoot a lighter English Longbow, 38lbs. The English longbow I have had made for me now is about 20 lbs and only works over a VERY short range, because of course the drop is significant. It’s pretty fun and amusing to shoot. I am not strong enough any more to pull a regular bow, thanks to chronic illness, but I still like to shoot when I can. I’ve got a little tri-legged stool I sit on.)

So far, we’ve had no further Snake Escape attempts here, because I think the previous ones have made me more vigilant. I often check to be sure the locks are all in place.


My explorer hasn’t tried to get out, but then again i taped her tub completely around which is a pain to open but keeps her adventurous spirit safe inside.

My compound bow is 70 lbs but has a 80% let off, if i was shooting recurve im sure i would have to use less poundage. Another reason i use compound bow is the size is easier to use in a wheelchair, the recurves and long bows are too long and ground out in the grass which seriously ruins my shot. Pre-pandemic i was very active in adaptive sports, pushing my manual chair everyday doing 5ks and even a half marathon and marathon distances in a handcycle doing powerlifting and throwing shot put discus and javelin even bowling rowing and swimming etc. Really built up my strength bigtime. These last few years my health really declined and i cannot be around too many people. I miss my sports


Oh my. This is the reason im deathly afraid of spiders. Had a roomamte in college that had a tarantula. Dang thing got out. Chris looked everywhere. No sign. UNTIL…i found that darn thing on my chest in the middle of the night. Made chris eith get rid of it or move out. Sorry bjt i jhst cant now. Nope no spiders.