Request to add a new Gene - Pale Grey Blood Python

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Species: Blood Python
Name of Gene: Pale Grey
First produced by whom: VPI
Year First Produced: 2010? I know it was pre 2013
Genetics Type: It is a recessive gene combo
In complex with other genes?: No
Other names/aliases for it?: none known
Description: The gene lightens the snake overall and causes yellowing.

Appearance; Pale Grey can be described as a light/faded grey/yellow colored python with smokey silver/grey heads almost ghost-ish in appearance. Their sides have reduced markings. With the wild type siblings having varying shades of brown/grey and dark grey heads.
Head: Much lighter in color with Smokey, silver/gray.
Body: A bight yellow Gold color overall with red areas becoming brown and the black areas becoming burgandy.
Belly: The belly is white.
Tail: Same as the body

Proven Lines:
Related Genes: None known

Proven: Since its discovery, many snakes bred to a Pale Grey have been made that are normal looking blood pythons which are carriers of the gene. The normal hets have been bred back to a pale grey to produce normal looking hets and visual pale grey snakes, and normal looking hets have been bred to each other to produce visual pale grey snakes and normal looking snakes. There has been many pairing combinations with different breeders to demonstrate the gene.

Unique: The color change that occurs is not like any other color in blood pythons. The pattern interaction can be similar to other genes, but when mixed with the color, there is nothing like it.

Problems: None known at this time

History: A lone male was imported from Indonesia and purchased by Dave and Tracy Barker (VPI). When bred to a normal the Pale Grey acts as a traditional recessive trait producing wild type Python Brongersmai all carrying 1/2 of the gene needed to express the visual trait. Then when bred back to pale grey or to each other, the hets did produce visual pale grays in the clutches.

Disagreement or Controversy: None known

Rerences here on the community: None except snakes that have been sold

Forums with some discussion:

Please attach at least 3 photos you have rights to which you are granting to be used on MorphMarket, Including 1 image next to a Normal/WT animal

Pale Grey

Pale Grey

Pale grey and normal
Pale Grey GE and Yellow line GE

Pale Grey GE


Is there any discussion needed before the gene is approved? If so, could anyone interested in this gene discuss their thoughts. Thank you.