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The Java popped up in my collection many years ago from piebald stock. It is a very dark gene and has a great effect on many complimenting genes like Banana, Piebald and Orange Dream. It make oranges richer and darker and at this point is believed to be an Incomplete Dominant gene.

Species: Python Regius
Name of Gene: Java
First produced by Markus Jayne Ball Pythons 2011
Genetics Type: Incomplete dominant

Appearance: Dark Chocolate with trademark hooks and swirls in pattern. See pics.
Proven: I have been producing these consistently since 2011 slowly ramping up my production in other morph crosses.
Unique: I believe this to be unique because it’s super is unlike any of the other dark gene morphs out there.

Problems: None

WOBP link: Java - Morph List - World of Ball Pythons

Any feedback is appreciated.

Here are some pics for you to compare.


Do you have a picture of the super? Super interesting looking for sure! Have you tried any crosses to any genes in the spotnose complex?
The single gene in the first picture is amazing looking!


The super is only slightly darker than the original. It really shows up in other morphs in the super form.


Have you bred a super to prove whether it was incomplete dominant vs dominant? Love the Java spotnose right up my alley lol. All of them are amazing looking!


These are seriously stunning!

While we work on getting the new traits added here’s the Morphpedia page for the Java :wink: add whatever details and pictures you like… go crazy!


SOD Java fire, is :fire:. Deserves the name so cool

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