Request to add species [DONE]

Other(if something not listed above, please use this section to explain what and why you would like changed): under hognoses can we have an other hognose tab where we can find the tricolor, southern, easterns, Mexican, south American, Madagascar, Golden etc. Basically all hognose species in one section with western still being the major one


How many buckets would we need to add all the hognose species as subcategories, like we do with Boas… Boa Constrictors for Sale by Gene - MorphMarket USA

North American hog-nosed snakes - Heterodon

  • Mexican hognose snake, Heterodon kennerlyi
  • Western hognose snake - Heterodon nasicus
    • Gloyd’s hognose snake, Heterodon nasicus gloydi
    • Plains hognose snake, Heterodon nasicus nasicus
  • Eastern hognose snake, Heterodon platirhinos
  • Southern hognose snake, Heterodon simus

Malagasy hognose snakes - Leioheterodon

  • Speckled hognose snake, Leioheterodon geayi
  • Malagasy giant hognose snake, Leioheterodon madagascariensis
  • Blonde hognose snake, Leioheterodon modestus
  • Blonde hognose snake, Leioheterodon modestus

Tricolored South American hognose snakes - Lystrophis

  • South American hognose snake, Lystrophis dorbignyi
  • Jan’s hognose snake, Lystrophis histricus
  • Lystrophis matogrossensis
  • Lystrophis nattereri
  • Tricolor hognose snake, Lystrophis pulcher
  • Ringed hognose snake, Lystrophis semicinctus

Am I missing any?
How many of these are not worked with?


H. kennerlyi
H. nasicus - I don’t know if subspecies are needed
H. platirhinos
H. simus

L. geayi
L. madagascariensis
L. modestus - It’s probably only needed once Thomas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Xenodon/Lystrophis dorbignyi
Xenodon/Lystrophis pulcher

As far as I know, the others in Lystrophis aren’t being worked with in captivity?