Request to Promote Burmese Pythons to Top-level Category

Currently Burmese Pythons are under ‘Other Pythons’ but there are so many of them and with so many morphs available, it can be hard to search for what you want or see what is available. I would love to see Burmese given their own drop down tag as well as the visual/ super/ het/ color tree to see whats on the market currently. With how popular they are, they should get their own.

Hi Jackie,

We’ve always had the idea to promote larger subcategories to top level. In my mind I had planned to give serious consideration after those categories had more than 100 ads. Right now burm and sand boas are the top contenders, and have 80 and 60 ads respectively. Still not an overwhelming number – only 4 pages of burms to look through.

Agreed it would be useful and we want to do it one day. For now just prioritizing it among many feature requests.

Your request is heard and noted!

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