Rescues that weren’t intended to stay

Had a friend of a friend dump four snakes on me in March… three balls and a Boa Imperator. I need morph identification. He said he would feed and clean up after them but has disappeared and He hasn’t paid a red cent to help feed or upkeep and I assumed ownership… now I need to know what I have and a possible worth.

Aries: Boa Imperator about 6-7ft long- supposedly a male

Raichu: 2-3ft long supposedly a male pastel Mojave BP but maybe from pics could be a yellow belly?

Boop: 4-5ft long supposedly female normal BP

And lastly
Sage: supposedly a vanilla pastel pinstripe very finicky eater supposedly female around 2ft long

Again, idk much about snakes except how to feed them and keep their temps and humidity correct… I haven’t had any issues with them at all besides sage not eating for 5 months… turns out she will only eat pinky mice smdh but when I give those to her she eats 2-3 every 7 days… she is a little skinny right now because I just figured out she only likes those… but I’ll get her fattened up a bit.

So… morphs correct or nah?