Retained eye cap worried

hi I am a new keeper my champagne fire YB paradox juvenile male most definitely has a retained eye cap on one side i hadn’t noticed before because his eyes were still so clear but it looked like a crack down his clear eye so I suspected something was wrong but didn’t know until I did a search on Google that it is indeed a retained eye cap hes sweet enough to let me shine a flashlight where I was able to see some density on the side with the crack which I’m guessing is indeed an eye cap his enclosure is new so I don’t have a hygrometer yet but his hot side reaches a high of about 78 degrees on the hot side he has two hides he pounds rats sometimes twice a week weaned rats he has a large water dish an appropriate sized Under tank heating pad for a 30-40 gal exoterra low large how can I get the eye cap off and humidity levels balanced if thats what is needed should i spray the tank if so how often and how much feel like a bad snake mom i love him so much hes like a baby to me so sweet and curious thank you so much for your time

You guys im trying to find a picture to show you his eyes better because he literally just took a rat 2 minutes ago hes coiled right now so I can’t get a picture I will take your advice now and try to get a better picture for you guys tomorrow for your better understanding

also his heat pad is regulated by a thermostat didnt want anyone worrying about that either

I know very little about ball pythons, but I am under the impression that a retained spectacle warrants an immediate vet visit with an vet knowledgeable in reptile medicine. (Given that you have no experience or guidance.)

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This has worked for some friends of mine in the hobby.
Bathe your snake in lukewarm water and gently dab at the edge of the retained scale with a cotton swab or pair of tweezers. Be steady of hand and sure of your movements around the eye. If the eye cap comes away, problem solved. If you’re having difficulty removing the cap, it is probably tightly attached to the scales beneath it. If that’s the case or your snake struggles during this procedure, you’ll need to make a trip to your herpetological veterinarian. Long term eye-cap retention can result in the total loss of an eye due to constriction or infection. After a cuticle has been retained once, the oldest scale hardens and forms a tight seal around the eye, subsequently trapping layers of developing scales beneath this top scale.
Hope this helps.


I would not recommend sharp objects around the eye. How to Treat Stuck Shed


If you know what you’re doing and are confident, tweezers are a handy tool you can use with your reptiles on a number of different ailments.

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This absolutely does NOT require a vet visit. If you can’t remove the eye cap, as long as you’re 100% certain it is actually a stuck eye cap, just leave it for the next shed cycle. It will not hurt a thing.

Just an FYI, I’ve seen many people cause permanent damage by trying to remove what they thought was a stuck eye cap, to find out the eye cap had already shed off and they pulled on the actual eye cap. It should come off very easy. If it doesn’t, leave it alone.


Thank you :heart:

thank you so much

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yes I definitely can see how that could easily happen i am not trying to offend anyone but I will take him to a vet before id ever in my life come at his eyes with something sharp im going to use a cotton swab and wait it out until his next shed and if nothing happens I’ll just take him to the vet his health and happiness i will gladly pay money for

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thank you i appreciate everyone’s advice and concern i was admitted to the er this weekend had to have an IV etc im out now and onto this issue for my snake i hate thinking he could be uncomfortable although im sure tweezers are a great tool for the experienced im going to go for the cottonswab for now and wait for next shed if it dosent work i will gladly take him to the vet i have the income and the time and a car etc he will be fine Phoenix thanks you as well i will soak him today and try the cottonswab thank you friends!


They just said they were a new keeper :joy:

I had good luck removing a stuck eyecap by giving my snake a nice long soak and then gently wiping across his eye with a wet washcloth. The texture of the cloth pulled the eyecap right off. I have also used a clean rubber thumb (office supply used for sorting paper) to remove stuck shed.

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I used that method as a new keeper. I’m not saying anyone should try it, that’s just some methods I’ve seen in person and have had work in person for myself.
And if I recall, you got your first snake around April of last year correct? You’re a new keeper man, don’t think owning a snake for a little over a year makes you an expert. I’ve owned them for over a decade and I’m still no expert.

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LOL I’m in no way an expert, I just wanted to share what worked for me in a similar situation. I did get my 1st snake about a year ago (I don’t count the snakes I kept as a kid many years ago):snake:

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Point is, which you’re totally missing. This is literally a thread created by a new keeper asking for advice in dealing with this.

Not a time for you to brag about your expert surgical level of steady hands etc.

When someone comes on saying “I’m new, please help me with this,” and people instead of offering safe basic advice choose to flex how “expert” they are I just don’t think it helps. What if someone read that and grabbed some tweezers and accidentally caused an injury? Makes absolutely no sense, be more responsible.


I would count those, I kept many as a kid and that’s what sparked my passion for reptiles.
I don’t think anyone could be an expert, some like Nerd, Reach Out Reptile’s and BHB definitely know what they are doing, but if you watch their videos and read what they have put out there, everyone is constantly learning.
I go by one rule in life…expect to know nothing and plan to learn everything.

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And I gave her advice, anywhere in that first post I did does it say do this?
And I don’t brag, if I did I would end up sounding like you which from some of your posts I believe you to be rude and immature. But then again so are many in this hobby and that’s why this hobby gets a bad rap at times.
And are you missing the cotton swab part, I suggested 2 options to go with and apparently everyone thinks tweezers are the only one I suggested. I think it is responsible to offer that kind of advice, Dr. Phil Purser alone has mentioned the same technique in his books. It’s up to the keeper to understand their limits, that doesn’t fall on me.

But it most certainly does. Inexperienced people coming to a place like this asking for advice are placing trust in someone presenting themselves as knowledgeable. And you well know that if people aren’t even sure what kind of heating to use or how to thaw a rat it’s extremely unlikely they’ve read the great Dr Phil’s books.

Absurd to hold a newb to the same standard of knowledge and ability that you have.

You’re free to have any opinion of me that you want. I have nothing else to say on this. If you wish to discuss this further you may PM me.

Good luck to the OP with the eye cap. Luckily have not had to deal with any yet myself but there is good advice here remain calm and I’m sure it will work itself out.