Ri question and advice

Evening guys

I have recently notice that I can hear my male clown exhale when he breaths, if I put my ear next to his head and tonight while feeding I noticed I could hear him exhale when is mouth was around the rat and while swallowing.

Could this be a sign of ri

There has been no evidence of mucus around the sides of tub and no bubbling around the mouth

I do not hear any of this with my female

Not knowing your animal or being able to examine the animal in person it would be impossible for anyone to tell especially based on a description. While what you hear worries you, someone might hear the same and not be concerned.

Can it be? Yes , can it be something else.? Yes (stuck shed, heavy breathing because of stress or excitment, nasal cavity deformation…)

Now keep in mind that mucus and bubling are the advanced stage of RI and the sooner a RI is caught the better.

Conclusion when in doubt have the animal examined by an herp vet that performs a culture to determine if there is an RI and if so what type of RI it is (since the are different types that need to be addressed with different injectable anti-biotics.)


The first time I heard the breathing was 2 weeks ago after looking him over for stuck shed as for the first time

He went into shed with out me noticing that he in blue

I just opened the tub to see multiple pices of shed everywhere ( first time not one piece) hence checking him over it was when checking eyes I heard it for first time

I found it strang he showed bo signs of shed as normally I no a week before

With you mention the stuck shed

Do you thing this could be reason if so would he still be stressed 2 weeks later

He has smash food no problem

Reptiles in general show subtle signs of sickness until it is bad. Caution is the best way to go. When it becomes obvious (unless your very experienced and know what to look for) it could be way advanced.

From experience, I can tell you that you should consult a vet as soon as you suspect an RI, because by the time it is obvious, it may be very advanced and difficult to treat. I lost two important animals to a respiratory infection early on in my years as a keeper, and I’ve been extremely vigilant about it since.

Thanks for all the advice guys