Russian Tortoise Breeder

Military spouse currently in Ft. Campbell, am joining the usual social media platforms for tortoises, including this one. I feel like tortoises often get ignored in reptile online forums. This place is kind of a Craigslist for reptiles, I gather… much better than those crazy FB groups. Seems to me every social media platform has to put up directions on how to act like an adult. I’m a RT breeder, was in the process of setting up a seller account, but turned off by the whole ID thing. Sorry, not in today’s crazy online world, too many ways for that to be an epic security risk. I guess I’ll have to stick with backdoor sales on FB and CL… not sure why it’s a big deal to be able to do it, not like we’re selling drugs or guns.

Good luck with those Craigslist sales. Morphmarket reaches tens of thousands of prospective buyers. Even in the tortoise categories. Also, your email with the ID verification is deleted after you prove who you are. Trust me, there is a good bit less scamming when you have to prove your identity. There are still the odd ones, but they are usually dealt with swiftly. In any case, enjoy the forum and welcome aboard!