Russo Mojave BEL breeder in Germany?

My friend wants to gift me a snake for my birthday, and I’ve always dreamed of a Russo Mojave BEL ball python. I’ve been thoroughly searching morphmarket, sale sites, messaging breeders, making ISO post - nothing! Or they dont’t ship to germany. Can anyone recommend a breeder who has RUSSO MOJAVE and ships to germany? Or someone selling one? I really want one for my birthday and only this morph since i currently only have space for 1 but wanna breed once I’ve moved to a new house!

Thanks in advance

The problem with this specific demand is that because of the value of the animal you will have to concentrate your efforts to Europe, no US breeder will export a single BEL to Germany nor would you want then to due to the cost of shipping (about 1 K)

It’s not a combo many do even in the US so it reduces you option even more.

You would be have more luck if you were looking for Mojave Lesser or Mojave Butter

Just how do I find a breeder in europe that actually has one? I’ve benn doing a lot of ISO posts but damn, this seems hopeless.

Should I consider buying a russo and a super mojave and just breed them myself? I could make room but I’m afraid of “what if i do something wrong” like I have no experience with incubatin at all!

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Your best bet in that case would be to try breeding one for yourself. It’s a long process but you have plenty of time to do research beforehand.

Incubating eggs isn’t too difficult, you can build an incubator out of a drink cooler or even an old fridge. The main thing is making sure you have a good quality thermostat (proportional is best) and that when you set up your eggs that you have the correct humidity.

Also, I know you from the reptile ARPG Discord! I had seen you post there but I wouldn’t have been able to answer the question on how to find one. So hi there :joy:

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Someone offered me a BEL for 450, and said shipping would be 200. After I mentioned my max is at 500, they said that’s ok and they have a friend at the airport who can drop the price. How true and honest can this be? They’re from USA, Charleston ,South Carolina - does it make a difference? I want to avoid getting scammed. I asked for photos in sunlight of the snake, so we shall see.

You are not gonna get a BEL shipped from the US to Germany for $200.

Breeders that do export usually require a $2500 to $5000 minimum purchase, to that you add shipping (which includes C.I.T.E.S, health certificate and shipping itself via Delta Dash)

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