Sad news, silver lining, and good news

So, as some of you know i keep a bunch of different species of isopods. Some were doing good, and others, not so good.

Well, sadly i finally had my first completely preventable die off, and it was my magic potions. I had a 2 week road trip, and while i had somebody water the enclosures, they thought the “mist setting” and lightly wetting the top soil after a week would work. For most of my enclosures with plenty of soil, this didnt kill everything because there was enough soil to retain moisture for the 2 weeks, however my magic potions in their seperate plastic container within one of the enclosures did not have this soil reserve, and sadly dried out.

The silver lining is in the enclosure they were housed in, i have found 4 living magic potions that at some point or another had escaped to live amongst the ghestrois, they are all adults, and i am going to kidnap them to try and resurrect my magic potion collection :slight_smile:

With that bit of bad news, my good news is my pandas which have been doing… well… not well, have finally started to reproduce, and their numbers are finally swelling. It is good to see this turnaround and that the colony is finally starting to take off, especially in the wake of what happened to my magic potions.

My ghestrois are as numerous as always and i will likely need to start culture colonies soon because they are running out of things to hide under haha


I’m so glad that you were able to find some Magic Potions to re-establish your colony! Magic Potions are very cool looking, I hope to have some myself one day.

It took a really long time for my A. maculatum to start reproducing, so I know how worrying it can be when a colony starts off slow.


Glad I’m not the only one! Took mine forever.

Glad to hear this.

So what is the secret to keeping pandas and getting them to reproduce??


Patience and carrots it should seem hahaha xD ive had them about… i think 4-6 months by now, they made babies before, but it was very slow. I think those babies grew up, so im finally seeing the pace pick up. Mine also refuse to walk in the open, so the whole ground over my soil is sphag moss so they can move about while feeling safe.


I was too haha, its about time all these buggers breaking into eachothers space benefited me for once haha


Thanks! I think I’ll get another colony and give them one more try.


Aww, sorry your “watering” person didn’t quite get it right and you lost a bunch of magic potions. It’s cool that you’re going to be able to get the colony going again, though.

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Yeah, apparently “rainy day” was really important for them, ill probably give them a bigger area to live next time so they have a bigger buffer in time between “rain”


Dude. This sucks. I’m sorry! At least you found some stragglers though! How long will it take to get to the amount you were at?

Though for next time, I know a pet sitter that would be cool with getting paid in isopods and/or Del’s. :joy: but for real. I could do with an excuse to go to the nursery. :joy:


Well it seemed like i had around 70 or so MPs, i got that from 6 of them over about 4 months to half a year, so with 4 adults i guess it matters how many are female haha

Edit: as for babysitting, i dont need anything currently but may not be opposed in the future. As for being paid in Isos, if i have a type you want / need, just ask. If you need ghestrois please take them haha