Sand Boa Gene Calculator

Am I the only who would absolutely love to see a Boa (specifically Sand Boas) gene calculator added to MorphMarket?


I too would love a gene calculator for sand boas!

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Only our top level categories can have the calculator support. Right now sand boas is still a subcategory, so we can’t add the calculator until we promote it to top level.

I’m moving this under MM feature suggestions. Thanks!


I second this. For Kenyans at least.

Thank you so much John! I’ll do anything to help getting a Kenyan Sand Boa calculator out here! If a donation will help let me know…I’ll be glad to help get it going!

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Definitely!!! There’s really no reason to not have it. I can’t find any out there and I don’t know why.

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The pre-req of a calculator is making it top level, which is this other thread:

I am closing this one as a duplicate of that, since that topic will satisfy this request.