Sand Boas to top level category

There are so many sand boas for sale all the time, I feel like they should be moved up!

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Honestly, there are usually only like 100 or so at a time usually which really isn’t enough to be a top category. There are many things that have higher amounts that should be moved up first. Gargoyle geckos, African fat tailed geckos, and even leachies have more than sand boas.


but now there is a category for every specie right? but not in the home page but in the searching categories

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There are over 200 sands listed. How many more do u need?

Now there are, but at the time this post was made there were only around 100. Gargoyle geckos have 450 now, so they still need their own category before sand boas do. It goes in order of what is most popular. There are also over 300 Burmese pythons and California kingsnakes.

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