Saved Crestie Clutch. Hatched too early

As soon as you see thick yellow oozing from an egg you know it’s not a good sign! Both born too early, but also Lilo was put with another male who she caught from right away as I can tell from these babies, luckily I caught the first one trying to get out and was able to help open the egg, and second one I saw a pip so quickly broke open.
Both weren’t doing ok as you can see, but I massaged them both for 5 minutes and got them breathing properly and now touch wood both are ok as I write this!
This can happen and nothing was changed in incubation, just unlucky 2. Or not unlucky since I’m home today! Phew :disappointed_relieved:
Both cute, and both have since told me off so I’m very happy! Bite me for all I care as long as I know you’re ok :joy:


OMG well done and lucky it was a day you were in.

Hope they are okay! Definitely need updated on them later on please?

Things like this is what I will worry about, but it’s great to get regular updates about it.


Both doing good, squeaking at me so that’s great! :sweat_smile: They’re staying in the tub tonight and being moved tomorrow to keep better eye on them.
I think it’s just quick thinking now, I got them open quick, if I had left them they’d of died. The scary bit was them like that in my hand, but I massaged their backs and front and I was blowing on their face which I think helped get them breathing as they both stopped. It’s scary but if this happens to you, which touch wood it doesn’t, you’ll know what to do to give them a chance! I’ve had it happen before unfortunately and wasn’t home that time and one died inside, luckily we were able to cut open and save the sibling.
These 2 Probably shouldn’t of hatched for another week or two! So I’m watching these little ones closely that’s for sure!


I’ve done research on what to do should it happen, but it’s better to hear from someone who has done it before and it’s great to hear of survivors.

Glad they are doing well and I hope they stay well & healthy

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Never read anything online about this happening, so when first saw yellow oozing few years ago it was a shock! Learnt a lot myself over the last 4 years of breeding I must say!
Just know if you see it you need to open it quick or he/she will suffocate…

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I haven’t found anything about this sort of thing for cresties, I researched for other things and found it could be done with most creatures.

But like I said I haven’t been in that situation, so I don’t really know for sure. That’s why it’s great to see people put these kind of things on here, even if it’s s bad outcome as we can all learn :grin:

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Well one’s very angry and the other is squeaking at me :joy:


They look healthy enough so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: they will be just fine…

At least you know they appreciate you :grin:


Unfortunately little pin didn’t make it :disappointed: She was very weak though so I’d prepared myself. Doesn’t make it easier though. Only had for a few days yet still get upset :sweat_smile:
Other one still evil so I think will be fine and don’t need to worry about that one!


I’m sorry to hear that, let’s hope the other one stays strong :crossed_fingers:


It happens. It’s sad but they were buggers and decided to see the world too early :woman_facepalming:t2:

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