Scaleless Texas rat trouble shedding

So we are going on our second shed - first shed I had to assist him with. He struggled with getting his skin off his head, got to his eyes, and couldn’t get past it.
I had to assist with helping him work it off. It went well.
Now, second shed, and the skin isn’t even budging to come up. It’s like when he begins to shed, his skin shrinks. His mouth is permanently cocked open until we get that skin off.
I’ve offered a humid hide when he was in blue and for a week after. He will not use one unless it is dry. Now I’ve increased the humidity in his tub to hope he has worked some of it down by morning. Any other suggestions?

Give him a good 30 min soak in warm water. Try putting him in a damp pillowcase or snake bag and let him move through your hands with slight pressure so the texture of the material gives something to grab the shed. Make sure there’s something in the enclosure that’s rough enough to rub against to help. Scaleless are known to be a bit trickier when it comes to shedding. Goodluck


Yes I’ve found that. They don’t even “explode” all over their enclosures like the others do when I happen to miss they’ve gone into shed. They just don’t shed.

I’ll attempt that! He hates water…

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