Scrolling through reposted snakes

Can someone help me please. Last night i was bored and refreshing my screen on the ball python for sale posting page. About every 5 minutes or so if you refresh your screen a new set of freshly posted snakes will pop up. I know this because the $number is BOLD and black. If its a repost that $number is grey/ghosted. Ok. So back to last night. I fell asleep woke up this morning and wanted to pick up right whrere i left off. BUT… this morning there are 3144 reposted snakes. I scrolled down and pressed the next button about 107 times to get back where i left off. I try to ad a filter to filter out the old snakes but that wont work. It shows the reposted snake ads as new. Yet the $number is grey on the “new posts”. How do you weed out the reposts?

P.s. to sellers. Your ad timing needs to be precise. You have to make sure that Mike Wilbanks posts first or nobody will ever see your snake ad lol. There are a few other big breeders you need to watch out for prior to posting but im sure you will figure it out. They absolutely flood the market. The other day wilbanks posted about 200 white ball pythons. Goodluck to anyone selling a white snake that day. Anyway im ranting now. Hope everyone has an awesome day! :sunglasses:


Small note, MorphMarket auto reposts ads in an alphabetical order, so posting after Wilbanks only works on the initial posting and will not be relevant after that


Great point