Search Autocomplete Feature [DONE]

We are about to drop another feature, and I am giving the forum the chance to preview it and give feedback. The feature is to provide search options when typing into a search. There are many benefits to this new feature:

  • You can avoid typing an entire phrase if you choose the corresponding option
  • It helps you discover what kinds of things are on the site, including categories and traits
  • It introduces the ability to search for not just ads but stores from the primary search box

To enable the new feature add this parameter to the web address: After you search you’ll need to backup or the next page won’t have that option, or you can add it to that address too.

Here’s a phrase “Spi” which shows all suggestion types firing:

The types of suggestions:

  • You will note that the first options suggest Ad searches around Categories and Traits.
  • Below that, it suggests searching stores in different categories.
  • Also, if 3 or fewer stores match, it will give “Direct Hits” enabling you to go directly to their store page.
  • Finally, there is an ad and store search which use the exact phrase that you have typed in.

Some more details:

  • Clearly we are limited to how many results that can be shown. Frequently there will be too many matches for traits. Type “Alb” and there are way too many kinds of albinos. Navigating to a subcategory like Leopard Geckos will focus the results on LG kinds of things.
  • Not all stores will show up in the Direct Hit type results. The rules are the same as used in the store directories. No empty stores except member stores which are shown at the top level. Store Directory is also a premium feature so free sellers of mature categories aren’t included.
  • A BUG: Right now there is one severe bug, involving Android Phone with Chrome browser. If you try to scroll down, it will fire off a search which is not one you chose. We’re looking into solutions for this but the bug isn’t in our code. In the worst case we might have to limit to 7 options, but with our upcoming app this won’t be a problem.
  • We are also going to make this search be more accessible on mobile phones instead of under the Hamburger menu.

Would love to get feedback:

  • What do you like and dislike?
  • Do you have any problems?
  • Anything confusing?

That’s awesome

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It’s working perfect on my end…


I gave it a little push to see what we can do.

If you are looking two worded morph (black pastel, citrus pastel…) then you only need to enter “b pas”, “c pas”…


I notice that you can only search one trait at a time, would it be possible to make multi-gene suggestions?

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Multi-trait search is going to be beyond the capability of this autocomplete for now, unless there’s a combo name.

That being said – you can still type it in, and it should work like before.
Or, after searching for one, you can adjust filters to add the other.


This feature has been made visible for everyone now.

There is one bug that we’re aware of affecting Android/Chrome users. If you start typing then scroll the options to those below the keyboard and select one, it won’t choose the right option. We are going to have limit this platform to having only 6-7 options until we upgrade some underlying libraries causing the issue. (The workaround though is to hide the keyboard before scrolling).

If you see any other problems – or if that bug above affects you and you’re not Android/Chrome, please let us know.


We are done with this feature and all the polish. Some more details for those running across this post later.

  • It automatically completes your search so that you don’t have to type as much and are less likely to typo. It also helps you discover what’s on the site.
  • It suggests several kinds of searches over the Ads. You can search for ads by Title, Category or Trait.
  • You can search for Stores and not just Ads. You can search all the stores in a Category or even jump straight to a store page by Store Name or Owner Name. This option only displays if there are 3 or less matches. Stores included in this search are the same ones included in the Seller Directory, which requires active ads and/or membership.

It’s worth noting that context matters. If you’re already in a subcategory, suggested options will be limited to those applicable to that section. This helps to narrow down the overwhelming number of matches across all areas of the site.

The advanced search filters are still available, of course, which you can utilize instead of or subsequent to one of the searches above.