Second clutch of the season, ID confirmation?

Hey y’all! Just wanting confirmation on these IDs. This is my second season breeding and I’ve gotten confirmation from a few breeder friends already, but I like hearing IDs from multiple sources. The pairing was an ODYB Fire Pinstripe male to a Super Pastel female, both proven breeders.

Hatchling 1: Pastel YB

Hatchling 2: Pastel YB

Hatchling 3: Firefly ODYB

Hatchling 4: Pastel possible OD (she has tracking near the end of her tail)

Hatchling 5: Lemonblast OD

Hatchling 6: Dragonfly YB

Hatchling 7: Dragonfly ODYB. This female is my holdback so I will be able to prove her out in time.

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  1. I believe this may be OD Pastel YB. Try to get a pic with the tail more visible
  2. Agree with Pastel YB
  3. Agree with Firefly ODYB
  4. Thinking this might be just a Pastel. Again, a pic with tail more visible would greatly help. Also, a bit more of a side-on rather than top-down
  5. Agree Lemonblast OD
  6. Agree Dragonfly YB
  7. Agree Dragonfly OD YB

Thanks! I’ll get a couple of extra pics of those couple later today and add them here.

A couple of better pics.


  1. No OD
  2. Just Pastel