Seller sent me wrong snake

Seller sent me the wrong snake. I texted and emailed him several times. Sent pictures of the one I wanted even. The seller barely communicates either. Need help.

How long ago did you receive the snake?
You said you sent text and email did you use actual email or the morphmarket message system?
How did you pay?

I’m not trying to defend poor communication but there are several factors that can play in here. Personally I have a 24-48 hours response window under normal circumstances. Most of the sellers on here are not full time breeders so real life can be a major bottle neck to communication. Holidays and well pandemics may have an effect on response times.1

I realize, as others are less forgiving on this topic, the seller took payment he should respond and should take corrective action. I do not disagree I just tend to be more understanding in the short term.

Now if it has been several days or a week with no response then method of payment is important. There are a few option through PayPal dispute resolution that you can use which is where copies of attempted communication with be handy. Credit card payments have a similar process. The other payment services I am not as familiar with but I’m sure someone can chime in there.

I know it sucks not getting what you paid for, and seemingly getting ghosted. If it has been more than a few days you at least have recourse through your payment method.

Good luck.

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How long have you given the seller to contact you back? They maybe busy and just haven’t checked messages yet. If you have given them at least a day to respond then
if you made purchase from someone on morphmarket you can contact morphmarket and let them know what is going on and maybe they can help get the seller to respond faster.

There are so much unknown here I will reserve my opinion and advice

Things such as date at which the animal was received and when was the issue communicated are essentials.

Either it could be impatience on your side or poor communication on the breeder’s side it’s hard to tell not knowing those details, and obviously the advice would be different based on the situation.

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I literally picked the snake up today at 9am, sent the seller a message . Haven’t gotten a response. Seller even confirmed with me he was sending the right snake over after I noticed he didn’t take the snake off the market. He didn’t even send me a shipping notification till almost 12 am. I sent him several screenshots of the snake I wanted before sending money. I paid on PayPal. Just waiting for him to reply .

So it is impatience which is understandable, however keep in mind most breeders have day jobs and those that do not may tend to prioritize animal care before answering emails, not to mention time zone as well that may differ.

I would give the seller at least 24 hours.


Exactly how many days have you given the seller to respond?

Perhaps the seller is busy, or planning the correct course of action to take.

i would at least give them 48 hrs to respond and then go from there. As a few people have said, some people have other jobs and may not be able to respond in a few hours or even within a day.

Still waiting for the seller/breeder to do something. Isn’t communicating, but posting more snakes. Isn’t the first time this has happened with the breeder as well, has other reviews. Told me he was going to call yesterday but never did.

If you paid with PayPal you could always open a claim if he doesn’t get back to you in a couple days.

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I’ve already tried to dispute it with PayPal, they won’t let me due to how it was paid. Sent to friend, he never gave me a invoice told me to send it as a friend. Also I tried to get ahold of my card company, haven’t been able to get through.

Never buy anything without purchase protection. That is a red flag for a scam. Always pay using goods and services.


Unfortunately your card company probably won’t help you either. Sending $$ via PayPal friends and family is the equivalent to sending via Western Union. Basically by sending $$ friends and family you are saying you know the recipient and you are giving them $$ via PayPal. Your not paying for a good or service so there is no need for protection. Your card company will most likely not do anything because of the terms of paypal. I know of several people similar things happened with. It sucks.