Sexing - Second Opinion

Sexed a clutch today but just wanted a second input in case my eyes are failing me, haha! I believe these to be males, 5 out of the 9 I have. 2 (not pictured) definitely seem to be female, while the remaining 2 managed to master the art of sucking it all in. Thoughts?

I would say male also. Usually when you pop a female it looks all white from lack of hemipenes.

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You do realize that this is not are you place your fingers to properly sex a snake?


Does that technique work for any snake? I’ve gotten mixed results on if my corns are male or female and I’ve never popped before.

Also that poor snake lol got popped like half a dozen times…

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@stewart_reptiles I am aware, but it’s a little difficult to hold a snake by the tail tip and a camera at the same time.

Works perfect and the guy in video is a top breeder , he only done it to show you for educational purposes he would only need to do it once for his own purposes

Yeah I just have colubrids and not balls that need sexing and I don’t wanna go trying that and possibly hurt someone.

It can work with colubrids however due to the length of their tail it makes it a little harder and the thumb on the tail must be placed further.

And as I have said before unless you learn in person to know how to properly place your fingers and how much pressure to apply to will generally not be proficient.

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I’m hoping that I’ll come along someone in my area who can help with that. Until then I still got a couple years yet before any of mine will be up to size and weight for breeding anyways.

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This video by Billy is the entire reason I figured out how to pop took a few tries 15-20 few (would change snakes every few tries as not to stress them out to much but once I got it that was it can pop everytime now.