Shameless breeders

I have had several bad experiences so far in my short time in hobby . I’m considering getting getting out if this is what the future brings.

I wouldn’t give up so soon. I’ve only been in the hobby for about 2 years and have also dealt with several bad experiences, whether personal or from other people in the hobby.

I see those instances as something to learn and grow from, so I move on and change/handle things differently based on what I’ve learned.


Im not sure what you are asking or wanting advice with, but what i can tell you is just to ignore the bad experiences because it will always happen in any hobby or industry. just be careful and keep going!


Honestly from a buying perspective all you can do is do your research and make a decision based off your best judgment. If you get disappointed on a purchase all you can do is move forward and use that experience to make better decisions.

If you are talking from a breeding perspective/breeding practices you yourself can raise your animals differently to where you feel comfortable with your husbandry. Remember everyone has a different idea as to what is best for their stock. From their people share what they do and other keepers will pick and choose what they like about that keepers husbandry to apply it to their own style.

Overall it can be rough trust me my wife went to a small reptile convention and picked up a beautiful ball python, but problem was this snake seemed to be just hatched,no first meal, and this snake was left alone in the dark for 2 weeks by this time we tried to feed him. We tried frozen, live, braining, etc. This snake got to 45g was emaciated so we had to force feed. We thought he was going to survive when he finally start to eat on his own but he went off food and passed away. Just don’t let these dad moments discourage you he was our first male and we named him Ethanol for his brilliant orange coloring/awesome pattern. Word of advice just because the animal is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s better :frowning:.
In the end you have to love this hobby/business because it has its amazing moments that makes it worth it and it’s moments where it brings you down much so that it makes you question why you do what you do.
Hope that answered I tried to go from both angles of seller/consumer.


When dealing with people aka other human being you will have bad experiences, it can be school, work, store, friends, it applies to all aspect of life not just the reptile industry…it’s just part of life the good and the bad.


I posted out of frustration. I figured some of you may have been through it as well and maybe had some advice .thanks

Would you be willing to tell us without naming breeders or any one by name, what it was that made you feel frustrated or made it a bad experience. That may help us better help you for any future inquires on buying.


I would put most of it is on me…I’m new and not sure always what to expect. Everyone has been grocery store clerk friendly as far as that goes…I just think some of snakes I have gotten were on the thin side ,Sexed wrong ,excessively cold due to improper shipping. And D.O.A. (undetermined cause) It smelled like sun cooked worms .

Unfortunately sometimes sexing mishaps happen, even to the most seasoned of us. It is how they handle it really shows their character. You can and should ask for picks of the animal you interested in, it helps to get another look. It is awful to receive a DOA. It breaks my heart and i am terribly sorry to hear that happened to you. Check on facebook fbi and iquiry boards to see if anyone has posted on the person or company you are interested in making a purchase from. Bad shipping jobs typically end up on there. Hopefully if i left anything out others will chime in and i hope you decide to continue to be apart of our community


Honestly I agree with some of the above posters that are really advising you to be patient and not give up.

In my experience - when I was new - the worst breeders were also the most “in your face” and available - it took lots of time, research and I guess patience to meet the right people who had their hearts and heads in the right place.

There’s plenty that put the animals first before money- and i have met several of those people through this site.

I’ll also chime in and say don’t give up :heart: