Share photos of your first ball python!

@cocky2001 It is do tough to choose! Can’t go wrong with either one! Glowing!

@victoria_thompson love the name! These guys always rock! Thinking of picking a young one up! Everyone should have one in their collection.

@agentsnake99 Absolutely agree! He is so amazing! I would definitely recommend getting a young on to raise up! You will create an amazing bond with them!

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This is my boy, Monty. He’s my first snake ever and I’ve only had him about a week. I absolutely adore him & already want to add more to my collection!


My very first BP is a Spider ball python, she is also tattoed on me. We dont breed the spider gene but shes is my baby and will ALWAYS have a home with me!


@haiku_reptiles awesome snake,:sunglasses: just checking out few combos lately! Also tattoo rocks​:fire::fire::+1:!

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Snape is not only my 1st ball python, he is my first snake. I got him on MM from Baily and Baily. He is a lesser, leopard,red stripe.


My first that started it all is a Killer bee/bumble bee named Amaterasu. ( and now I have 4 with a plan on getting 2 more lol)


Not my first but definitely the oldest here on the Osborne farm. This is an old pic of Bertha, our founder het Pied female. She will be 18 years old this fall.

Here is a 15 year old Pied, produced by Bertha, stretched out in an ARS 70 series tub.


I love his name! I got my super pastel leopard from Bailey & Bailey and I just named her… Bailey :joy:


This is my lil guy Diesel. He’s a Bamboo Fire. I was browsing morphmarket looking for…well I’m not sure what I was looking for, and landed on him and literally went back to him several times. I just love him! He’s got a spunky attitude and is super interested in everything.


@teejay wow beautiful, love it! bamboo morphs rocks! I have a single gene Bamboo named LiL Bruce Lee! Yeah he too is a sweetie with spunk and a big appetite.

@teejay don’t ever let me in your home - I’ll steal him ha-ha. I love bamboos :heart_eyes:

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@teejay Lovely… I love Bamboos. Thought I had one there for a while…long story…don’t ask :smile:

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Mr Baily is a very nice person. When I am looking for snakes,i always check out what he has on offer. Maybe I will name my next snake Baily too and togeth tryer my snake and your snake could be Baily and Baily. :)!

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this is mello a baby albino ball python

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Not my first (before I had a digital camera) but this is one of the gils from my first ball python clutch back in 2000 when she laid the other day.


My girl Charlie


@rlremington wow nearing or at 20 yrs old! Way to go ! Beautiful and I am softy for the Normals! :snake:!

@melloyello the red eyes love to look into! So cool and the name rocks! Love the song and drink too! :mask::snake::+1::fire: stay safe