Sharing Ads from within App [DONE] [#1840]
There’s one glaring gap in the current functionality, at least for the use cases of my partner and I:

The share button goes directly to Facebook and without signing in to Facebook that’s the end of it.
I can’t find any way to copy the url of an ad in the marketplace to share it with people, usually my partner-in-all-things. If it exists, I cannot find it. We share links back and forth via the web browser constantly, through Messenger/SMS, while hunting for our next big get. The app is therefore not a lot of use to us, though I’m sure some folks are getting exactly what they need from it. URL sharing seems pretty fundamental, to me, but I am not a good measure of the general public. However, my girlfriend is not a tech nerd, she’s a normal web user, and she can’t find it either, and stopped using the app independently, but for the same reason.

Thanks, and cheers!

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Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it.

On android you can swipe onto your notification panel and there will always be a button to copy the url of a PWA page…

I can’t speak for iOS as I use android myself, but I will steal my wife’s phone tonight to test it out and see if there is a way that already exists.

BUT… a simple “copy url” button is a great idea in general for ads… I’ll add this to our todo list :blush:

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Also feel free to share your thoughts publicly!
That way ideas can snowball and we get amazing features

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I dig it, thank you!

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Also, you can get the URL from any page if you go the menu and click on the version number – it will copy the URL plus some other details, which are helpful if you are reporting a problem to us.


Awesome, excellent, thanks!

There’s a bit of a visual defect in my case.
The share icon is not showing up visibly, but it functions perfectly, if I tap it there is a copy link option, which is great. The version number url works well, also, just no visible icon for “share”

iOS 14.4.1 - Safari iPhone XR, screenshots attached

But it works a charm!

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Hmm that’s not good. Thanks for letting us know Jeremy!

I’ll get the team to take a look.

Anyone else experiencing this?


The PNG is not loading for some reason. I"ll have our dev check it out. Thanks.


Sounds like a problem with cache invalidation, possibly, which is a classic. Cheers!

But…maybe not the client-side cache. I cleared Safari cache, deleted the app bookmark on my homescreen, re-added it, opened it up fresh and took another screen. The issue persists.

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Hey @gem,

We’ve just released a fix for this… hopefully. Can you check to see it is working as should be on your end.


Looking good on the first attempt!