She drooled all over me =_=

So I hold her every day and today is the first time its ever happened. She drooled all over me lmao. And of course my overreacting self immediately thinks RI. She and my other snake always make this little “chuffing” noise at me so Im not sure if thats the “whistling” that is associated with RIs. She was also being handled and was kinda hanging down a lot during handling so Im also not sure if she just had a drink before I took her out and it just came back up. I havent seen bubbles around the mouth yet and atm, shes kinda in food mode so I dont want to mess with her mouth, so I also dont know if shes just like super hungry. Its only been 6 days since her last meal but when I put her back after drooling and checked on her minutes later she tried to take a bite out of me. Her temp is set at 92* and her humidity is anywhere from 50-60% daily. Any opinions? If it seems like its an RI, Id like to get her looked at asap, for her well being and my other snakes.


I am not a ball python keeper, but I’m going to chime in because your post seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. What you are describing, to me (who is not familiar with ball pythons), sounds like the ‘frothing’ of the mouth that can be seen with RI.

Hopefully someone more familiar with BPs can correct me/go in depth/etc. If not- I always err on the side of caution. It is far better to take an animal to the vet and have it turn out to be nothing than to have to pay for a necropsy to make sure nothing contagious could affect your remaining snakes.


I tried getting her an appt to the vet today, however their exotic vet is only there in the am, so I will be calling back as soon as they open in the morning.
I havent seen any bubbles or drooling or excessive yawning/gasping since she drooled all over me yesterday, but when I tried to check her mouth, there was some liquid on the card so I agree on the “rather be safe than sorry”. :woman_shrugging: Hopefully I can get her seen tomorrow.


Does she hold her neck and head up high? Kinda like stretching out? For long periods of time?

If you need to find another herp vet, you can find one here.

Not that I noticed, like I said she was practically hanging upside down when she drooled all over me which made me think she could have just regurgitated water

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That’s definitely odd given she isn’t showing any symptoms of being sick, besides the drool. Yeah I’d just make an appointment like you’re trying to do and see what they say.

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As has been noted, frequent drooling can be indicative of an issue and a vet appointment is definitely needed. I strongly advocate a culture panel and also possibly a viral test as well before any medication is given to the animal