Shipping Delay


My hatchling got delayed in Memphis. He was supposed to have been delivered today, but is now scheduled to arrive tomorrow. The breeder has contacted Fedex, and luckily, he’s being kept indoors.

I have been lucky so far, not to run into complications with shipments before. Looking for some shared experiences and outcomes from the community.


Not a BP, but my son wild caught a texas longnose that was not much more than a hatchling, boxed it poorly and sent it to me USPS (told me after he shipped it). They lost the package for 6 days. That little guy came through just fine. I would think your little guy, being one day delayed, properly packaged by a responsible breeder and with assurances that UPS knows what is in the box and is taking care of it should be just fine. Hard not to worry but they are tougher than they get credit for sometimes! Hang in there.

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I think it is important to note that no RESPONSIBLE breeder/owner should ever ship via USPS it is against their policy to ship snakes to start with and while tortoises can still be shipped using USPS, I would not trust them to deliver anything on time and or alive. (I personally hardly trust them with a letter)

Now to answer the original question, delays happen I usually have 2 to 3 animals delayed each year for 24 hours, it all comes down to knowing how and when to ship and I have never had a customer experiencing a DOA because of a 24 hours delay.

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I agree about USPS, however my son is not a breeder. he "saved " the snake on a construction site he was working because the other workers were trying to hit it with hammers and kill it. Then he sent it to me as I was the only person he knew that he felt could care for it. I have told him next time something like this happens just take the animal away from the danger area and release it. I also told him all of the things he did wrong with the packaging, not so much so that he would do t differently, but so he would know that, even though his intentions were good, his actions were wrong. Anyway the point was not to hijack this thread it was to help jrob85 feel better about the delay and the survivability of his new baby.