Shipping In extreme heat

I am going to have to ship a ball Python to Dallas, right now the temps are upwards to 100 degrees F, they said they could have it shipped to a hub or wait til the temps cool. Is it safe to ship to a hub with that heat?

As a customer I would be uncomfortable having the snake shipped in that heat. Most of the policies I’ve seen about shipping don’t ship over 90, even if it is hub to hub. The seller simply keeps the snake until temperatures are lower and adequate for shipping.


As a buyer i would not want to risk that, and if i were the seller i wouldnt either. If the buyer demanded it, i would either choose not to sell to them to protect the animal as well as my reputation, or, if i decided to give them what they want, i would void the health guarantee because of the risk of shipping in such high temps.

But realistically, whether i were buyer or seller, i simply wouldnt ship or ask for it to be shipped. If they complain, issue a refund and protect the animal, you dont want a reputation of valueing money over the animals safety, it isnt worth the sale.


Every drop shipper for the herp community advocates not shipping when temps are above 90F

Just hold the animal until temps are safe. Do not risk the life of the animal.


Thank you all, my policy is that I don’t ship over 90. But the buyer asked about the hub to hub shipping, I stated that I would still not feel comfortable but I would also look into other opinions. Thank you guys so much.


Not a problem, always remember that there are other buyers, and the reasonable buyers want whats best for the animal. As a breeder you are a steward of the hobby, and as such, placing the animals wellbeing first will largely affect your reputation as well as the reputation of the community. Hopefully this buyer will understand that it is better to receive a late snake than a dead snake, and if they leave a bad review, a small but professional response stating your policy to prioritize your animals safety will certainly offset such a response to potential buyers.