Shipping with Covid-19

I have always packed the same way and shipping within the same temp range and while I have experienced several delays 8 in a 2 year time frame when it used to be 1 a year, I never had issues.

Like Mary said always pack expecting delays.

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How do you pack, if you don’t mind me asking? I mostly only know the standard guideline without delays, so I don’t know if or how I should adjust.

I normally use newspaper or packing paper around the animal (animal in bag/deli cup), and a heat pack if indicated, taped to the top. Is there anything I should do differently? I also recently bought polyfil to use as a packing material, because it seems to be a little more “cushy” than the paper.

Personally i always use a 11 x 11 x 7 box, where as other i’ve seen mostly use the 7 x 7 x 7 box. I have been using packing paper but thinking about possibly changing to polyfil, although i the paper seems pretty cushy enough. i always include a phase 22 cyro pack in my boxes, it helps to regulate the temp so they don’t over heat or get too cool. I will include a link for you to get more info on them if you are interested. Then a heat pack/cold pack depending on temps. I also punch small holes in the sides of the box for air flow.


I guess I should’ve included that! I’ve been using the 12 x 9 x 6 box with holes poked through on each of the short sides for airflow. I did order some cryo packs to try, but I would love your input on how best to use them!

If it going to be warm out above 80* i freeze the cyro pack so it will keep the box cooler as it changes state from solid to liquid.

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Not that it will be an issue in the coming months, but just so I have it for reference in the future, how do you prep it for shipping in colder temps?

heat pack taped to top and partially solid cyropack. that way it can asorb heat if needed and realise heat if needed.

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I have a snake to ship out, but I know coronavirus has caused some delays in shipping. Has that resolved itself now? Anyone still having delays in shipping due to coronavirus? Thanks in advance!

No it has not I shipped out on tuesday and experienced delays. It’s a hit and miss right now one day you ship everything is fine the next you ship and it’s delayed by 24 hours.


They do have a new message on the website about the riots however, so they’re recommending to be careful shipping to large cities at the moment.

The two I shipped this week arrived perfectly fine and on time, but I shipped them to a hub.

Sorry to hear that @stewart_reptiles, they ended up arriving ok though? Mine shipped on Tuesday without issue. :confused: Wish yours had done the same.

Oh yes it made it just fine, not my first delay probably won’t be my last. :wink:

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I have purchased about 5 snakes and an Eastern Skink in the last few months. No delays or problems. I always ship to my Hub in Mobile Alabama. (I have a lacerta coming next week)


Not sure if other sellers have had similar experiences, but I have gotten some pushback lately on my shipping-to-hub-only policy. The first buyer was pretty easy to work with, just kind of explained that it was safer for the animal and they were OK with it.

The second buyer got very angry and accused me of “charging a premium” for a service and then not using it. As if I was pocketing the $3 difference between shipping to his residence and shipping to the local hub. I closed the inquiry thread and he promptly blew up my Facebook page.

Regardless of the fact that a prospective buyer has to accept your store policies (and mine clearly says HUB ONLY) folks are still expecting you to risk the delays for their own convenience. Disappointing, but not a total surprise.


I have been shipping once a week on Tuesday for Wednesday only and hub to hub and I have not have any issue. People are generally pretty understanding but there will always be one and it’s ok.

You were right in closing the inquiry chances are if it was not that it would have been something else.

As for shipping people often seem to forget that what they pay based on a quote is lower than the actual real cost of shipping which includes gas to the hub and packaging so on average when shipping the breeder actually absorbs some of the cost on average $5 to $10 depending on the package’s size, worse if you offer a flat rate.

There are people that think that they are always right and it’s their way or the highway, that does not mean you have to sell to them.


Hello all. We have just received this information from one of the two major shipping companies. They have said from now until the end of the year that shipping delays are very possible and that they have taken their overnight guarantee off. This is due to the massive amounts of online shopping going on and their employees calling in sick due to covid 19. They said that Mondays are their busiest day of the week and the most possible for shipping delays. This is because of all the online orders placed Friday, Saturday and Sunday then shipped Monday morning. We just wanted to pass this information on to everyone so you can adjust and to help ensure that everyone’s animals get delivered safe and sound. Summary; try to avoid shipping overnight on Mondays if at all possible. We have changed to Tuesdays and Wednesdays for this reason. Thank you and stay safe. Your friends at Tropical Nevada


I am also shipping only Tuesdays and Wednesdays, for the same reason.


Prepare for customer temper tantrums…