Should I get this dragon? (First time owner)

Hey guys, I am getting my first dragon soon, should I get this one? I know it’s from Craigslist and it looks pretty healthy. I would love some advice. Thanks!
Here’s the link…

I would never recommend getting an animal from Craigslist. Especially one that has been kept in such a small enclosure with so little enrichment. It doesn’t look like they have a thermostat either so chances of it having the right temps is unlikely. I would look on MM for a good young lizard and get the correct setup for them. At least a 75 gallon, with good things to climb on and a thermostat with a proper UVB and basking bulb. On the outside the lizard might look healthy, but you never know what is wrong on the inside if it hasn’t been cared for right. Trusted breeders are always the best to go with and there are plenty on MM to go to.


That’s right, thank you :slight_smile: