Show me the Venom!

Who on here owns venomous snakes, lizards, or even inverts?
I don’t own anything venomous, but I will one day.

I would love to see pictures of your hots!

Venomous reptile thread??

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I hope to petition a change to my city’s animal bylaw to allow for some venomous including some inverts (Ts and some scorpions) and stuff said to be mildly venomous like H. gigas etc. I’d love to have venomous someday!!

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my state laws are weird too… you can own hognoses but cant own mangrove snakes. and you can only own native species of venomous snakes with a license

You aren’t in Illinois by chance, are you?

IL allows hognose (eastern, tricolor) but permit restricts plains hognose (including Mexican hognose as there is some confusion about H. Kennerlyi and it is wrapped into H. Nasicus). You can own H. Gigas and Boigas only as an educator with a permit.