Shrinking follicles

I recently moved 2 of my big girls into larger tubs because they were so cramped in their FB-40 tubs.
I did ultrasound last night and their follicles are smaller than last time I checked. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m worried they will fully reabsorb.


It could be they are not comfortable yet in their new enclosures and yes may have decided to reabsorb. Have they both had multiple successful locks yet? You can try to pair them still if it’s early in their development, possibly it would help? I don’t move female snakes at all during attempted breeding through laying for this reason. They can reabsorb before ovulation if they are not secure enough or any number of other reasons, so it’s best to let them be as much as possible to prevent any.


Thanks for your reply. I was very hesitant to move them (but they were SO squished in the FB40) had planned on doing so during the summer but was ripped off by the guy I was supposed to get the larger rack from, ordered another and by the time it got here pairing had started.
Both are still locking and pounding food. I’ll check again in a month and go from there. I’m disappointed, but I also want to take proper care of them.

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I totally agree with your decision to move them to a bigger space, sometimes they just take a while to adjust. I moved a few of my larger girls, into 41q sized rack and 2 of them decided to go off food. I have had some take a few months to eat regular again. I did move back a female to her old cage and she started eating right away, I will try to move her again in a bit. If yours are eating that’s a great sign they feel secure enough in their enclosure! Good luck! Keep us updated on any developments!