Sick snake help please

Thank you @buckeyeballs Very well said! I flip flop with my hard feelings toward the people and I cannot look at the pictures anymore. Once was enough. The simple fact is we will never know the truth about what happened and I am willing to bet that this snake is no longer alive. It probably died shortly after the picture was taken, if it was even alive then. Why did the owner even attempt to buy a rat for it seeing the morbid shape it was in??? I just can’t wrap my head around this at all………


I think the term for this is: “Throw away animals”……….:disappointed:

Edit: I meant “Pets”


I also keep fish, it’s mind-boggling how many fish (mainly goldies and bettas) get bought on a whim and thrown into a tiny uncycled tank with little filtration. They usually last a few weeks, and then people go and buy a replacement. I imagine that well over a million die that way every year. It’s even worse with hamsters and budgies, I can’t imagine that very many live more than a year or so.


“What do you mean goldfish get to over 8inches and need at least 40 gallons? They only live like a year.”

I used to have a large number of people come looking for me during a holiday where goldfish are used for luck. It was because apparently my brief weeklong care advice and suggestions to move them to their pond or a friend’s pond after had meant for some good luck. They had no idea goldfish could be as pretty or large.


So what happened here, its october now?? Any update?