Signs your girls are getting ready for the season? 🤔

Long story short, I have some pairings I want to work with besides the one where my two are already together (especially eyeing getting cinnamon pastel BlkELs hopefully and just all the combos I can get from that specific pairing, I have yet to work on that though) I want to start planning for upcoming breeding season as far away as it may be and make sure that my current pairing is looking good. Unfortunately I don’t have pics since quite a few of my snakes are terrified of phones meaning they’re not the best for pics and I don’t want to scare them, I mainly wanted to ensure that my female is ok because while my male is flighty and rather active that’s just how he usually acts and I’m not too worried, plus I have the shed of another male thrown in to try and encourage him a bit more.

My main question: what signs do your females give you before you see a clear lock or give evidence they’re ready to breed or have locked recently with a male? Plenty of info is given regarding after they’ve been bred but currently I’m more interested in the store of before and during. I can only assume from research I’ve done and pure assumption that females during the period of right before/during pairing they’ll want to eat a lot more and do cool seeking but I wanted to know if there’s anything else.

So far the behavior I’ve seen in my girl is acting a bit more defensive than usual and wanting to latch onto anything that moves like it’s food (this almost included my male but after a bit of sniffing she figured it out) this includes me but thankfully I haven’t had to dodge too many flying fangs. She also has been almost completely refusing to sit under her heating which I checked to be kept at about 89-91F since I’ve noticed previously she liked to have her temps ran a bit warm compared to my others, I’ve lowered temps but she still refuses unless the male is in the cage. I haven’t noticed that much bowl wrapping either but every time I go to see her once the male has been removed she’s sitting semi-wrapped or pushed up against the water dish. Any advice would help, thanks!

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I also noticed just this morning while letting my big girl out for some exercise she seemed way flightier than usual. Often she decides to slither onto my arms and hands on her own but this time it took a bit of encouragement with me gently sliding my hand under her after she seemed a bit disinterested, she also decided she wanted to hide more today besides the flighty part, usually she just lays kind of scrunched up on my stomach and can sleep there for a good two hours or she’ll go limp around my neck and get carried around for awhile before being given outside time but today, she’s looking around and hiding and slithering around a lot more. She isn’t tense or upset by me being around her or about being moved but seems to be a bit upset in general about something, and she doesn’t seem to stressed out by the male either so I was hoping this info might help for anybody that could help me out

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