Skittish crested gecko- any ideas to help?

All the cresties ive had have been runners/jumpers. Not so much when Im reaching in their enclosure, but when Im trying to hold them. Rather suicidal, and just LEAP into nothing…

How often do you hold them and how old are they?

A lot can be, especially when young.
How often do you handle and ages of them as said above? :blush:

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One of my leopard geckos used to do that. Once he leapt 3 feet towards his enclosure and then caught the stand with his front feet and held there long enough for me to get him. I got the hint that he wanted back in his enclosure.

Update. He’s a lot less skittish now. he will occasionally poop on me, but I can hold him outside of the enclosure for a good 30 seconds without him trying to jump. Soon I will try a reptiliatus style hand feeding thing to get him even less skittish. Progress!

Glad to hear he’s less skittish. You both have done well to bond :relaxed:

Just remember jumping isn’t always a sign of running away, it’s natural for them… In fact they love it.

So given the right place to walk or jump, you can find them enjoying jumping from one hand to the other no problem.

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This will likely be thee last update. I’d say I have about a 98% tame crestie now! He poops on me If I try to take him out for to long during the day, but at night, he’s totally chill. for a while there, he would literally bounce off the walls if I tried to reach into his enclosure, and he’d almost always end up jumping out of the enclosure. now I can reach right in there and scoop him up, hold him unrestrained, and he’s totally chill. he is a crestie though, so he does jump, but what crested gecko doesn’t? Tomorrow, I will share a picture of him.


I’m so glad he chilled for you. I’ve got a few Cresties that run scared if I go into their enclosure at night time, but are great to hold, they love to jump and hunt… While others that just doing care lol just depends on age, how regularly they have been handled and most importantly their personality lol

A few like to poop on me :flushed: I find they do it more if I’ve misted. I’m sure they do it on purpose though :joy:

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