Snake help? 😂

Taking on this ‘corn’ atleast, that’s what we were told ‘she’ is but I don’t think she is… Said female but will check later.
Previous owner lost it, just found it after 3 years! Her cat gave birth and long and behold the corn came out.
So a friend went and collected today, but just messaged us as her other half doesn’t want it there, so we are taking on ‘for now’.
Wondering what Snake and morph? :sweat_smile:

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I don’t believe that is a corn snake

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Yeah I didn’t think so, I’m wondering rat snake? :sweat_smile:

This looks really close. Keep in mind they can be quite variable.

And Here is a better one

They are a kind of king snake :grin:

Also she does not appear to be a morph but locality. I hope this helps :rofl:!

Oh god what are we taking on :joy:

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Love him/her!

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She is a beautiful baby! I believe that she is a Nuevo Leon Kingsnake.


@lumpy is correct, this isn’t a corn snake, but a variable kingsnake, Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri. Nuevo Leon kingsnake is another common name. For a care sheet go here: Nuevo Leon Kingsnake Care Sheet - Reptiles Magazine


Thank you for linking a care guide! They are pretty simple when it comes to care, and they can be great pets.

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Thankyou!! :grin:

Apparently she’s very strikey we’ve been told. But being lost for 3 years I can see why!

Is the Nuevo Leon the same as the Theyeri Kingsnake?

Yes it’s another common name