So many things to see!

First and foremost, I absolutely love MorphMarket. It has given us unparalleled access to so many of the amazing animals we all love! The layout, ease of navigation, and advice given towards helping make a good purchase are all better than I could have dreamt of.

However, there is one little pet peeve I have when viewing the more populated categories (i.e. ball pythons). Bear in mind that I browse strictly from a mobile device, never a computer. When I start my browsing, I oftentimes find it tricky to determine my progress from the last browsing session. On average, overnight, I wind up viewing 20 pages the next day to catch up the newest additions.

The issue would likely be helped if there were a marker to identify viewed animals, much like a new website link is blue, but turns to red once viewed, and remains red.

The other benefit is to know if I am seeing a repost (bump to the top) or if I may have mistaken similar animals and pass over them, thinking I had already seen it.

A second suggestion for mobile viewing would simply be a nice touch to see. The full description of the animal rarely fits under the thumbnails. Perhaps each thumbnail, or area near it, could have simply a number. A number to indicate how many listed genes there are in the advertised animal.

I may pass over a pastel piebald ball python, but if I saw that it had 4 genes, I would probably want to investigate a little closer to see if it may have genetics that suit my collection!

I appreciate your consideration.
Keep up the awesome work!


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