Soaking for the sake of Soaking

His nickname is The Void but GF named him Hades. All of our snakes are named after Greek gods and goddesses. I’ll try and get a Pic of him at some point. Here is an older one.


He’s so pretty.

If I get any “void” snakes I will name the boys Malzahar, Kha Zix, or Kassadin.

Kai Sa or Rek Sai for a girl.

If no one gets the reference I’ll see myself out…lol. I’m done :joy::joy:

Get ready for HUGE feeding responses. Hades has to be handled with gloves because he will go after fingers no questions asked. Not mean. Just extreme constant food response. Let him get a whiff of food, see the tongs, and he’s surging towards the front of the tank open mouthed. Dude is my disposal when my baby corns refuse a feed. He can pack it away.

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That’s pretty cool. I suspect it will be years and years before I get anything other than a BP but one of those would be pretty sick!

If he calms as he gets older (dude is about a year old now) he will make an amazing display snake. Not so much a pet in the standard sense. At least not this black king.

Is he a Mexican King? He’s stunning :heart_eyes:

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Yes he is a black king. Though he has tiny little spots and blemishes of white on his chin and mouth. He’s a little shit and HATES to be handled. Out of all my snakes he’s the only one that’s ever tagged me. So he’s just a display snake not an actual get him out and hold him. I get him out for tank cleans and a single check after he sheds. Should try and get updated pics of him… He’s twice the size he is in those pics. Big enough he’s soon to be eating rat pinks and moved into a 40 gallon so he can really stretch out.