Some confirmation of hatchling genes please

Hi there all

Can you please assist with confirming the genes of the following 5 hatchlings that I am attaching pics of.

The pairing was:
Butter x Pastel Pinstripe Spider

I know that due to the pairing it should be easy to identify, but as I am a new breeder, I need some confirmation, as I trust the experience of the breeders on here that have years of experience.

Also the second hatchling has me totally confused, as it seems to have the Mojave gene, which is possible as a Mojave male was with the female with the previous breeder the previous breeding season. If you need additional pics, please let me know.

The other reason is because the Pinstripe of each individual looks different when compared to my other clutches.

The second clutch is with 3 hatchlings.
The pairing was:
Normal x Pastel Pinstripe Spider

Here you can see what is confusing me with the Pinstripe.

Thanking you in advance.

  1. Pinstripe
  2. Pastel butter pinstripe
  3. Pinstripe
  4. Butter pinstripe
  5. Butter pinstripe
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Thank you so much, I thought as much. And the 3 from the second clutch? This male made sure that Pinstripe is in each hatchling LOL

Second clutch you’ve got a spider, a spinner, and a pin!

Brilliant, thanks so much. If I may ask a little bit of a dumb question… Is it common for the Pinstripe to look so different especially with the last Pinstripe that is so clean?

There’s a ton of phenotypical variation in individual morphs. Some of it is genetics, some of it is what line they come from, but I’ve seen some pins that are extremely clean and some pins that are really busy. Even within individual morphs there are lots of other smaller genetic factors that help determine the visual. :slight_smile: No such thing as a dumb question.


Thank you so much!!!
This is exactly the reason why I ask on this forum, as I am still learning, especially with the identification, and one can always learn from those with more experience.

Once again, a huge thank you!

In order from first to last pic since idk if there are multiple pics of each:
Butter pastel pin
Next 2 are butter pins
Spider pin

Thank you so much.
I am super happy!!! Got a little confused because there is such a big difference even with single genes.

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