Some hatchling selections purchase advice

Hi from South Africa. New to ball pythons and have been doing lots of research the last 2 weeks. I am looking to start out with 2-4 hatchlings, mostly females. Prepared to invest in some good genetics from the start, not the most expensive around until I am comfortable looking after them, but some good midrange to top offers. I like piebald, but really open to any breeding ideas, would like to try something slightly unique to not try and compete with existing breeders with lots of genetics to their exposal. A bit overwhelmed by all the snakes available too.

If anyone willing to look through the South African listings currently on MorphMarket , and suggest some ideas on potential good value for money or interesting breeding ideas, I will really appreciate it.

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Well I’m gonna tell you this and I know so is someone else get to know keeping bps for a few years before you start breeding but if someone else would like to argue me please do I’m still inexperienced and I just am sharing what I’ve been told


I give this advice to everyone beginner that posts a question like yours when they join our community so please do not feel I am picking on you when I say this

Ignore what everyone else thinks and chose the things that YOU will enjoy. Following other people’s dreams and passions makes this become less of a hobby and more of a chore. I much prefer going in to my room and opening a cage/tub and seeing an animal that brings me joy rather than an animal that someone else told me would be cool.

So my advice to you is to look through both the SA and the US listings and just see what animals jump out at you as WOW!!. After you see a handful of those, see what genes/traits they have in common and then pick up animals that fit that niche.

Do you like dark, busy patterns?

Do you like stripes?

Do you like really bright colours?

Do you like no colour at all?

There is an entire palette you could work with, but a much narrower one that you will enjoy working with day after day after day for the coming years/decades


First welcome to the community. Has fun and this is a wonderful place for questions and learning,

As above two comments, link with someone with experience if you can and take some time to decide what you like best first.

I would add, 2.4 is a bit of a risk. Start with a spare male. Once you have a good breeder male that mates readily, feeds and survives during the mating season, keep that one and then reduce the males.
Just my opinion. They are not corn snakes.

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