Some interesting problems

this is the third day for my ball python to live in my room.
I fed her successfully yesterday.
Today I want to test her acceptance to me, so I turn on the light in my bedroom tonight and study(the cage is on the table where I work)
She always takes a walk in the cage around 8.30, so when I turned on the light at 9.00, I found her on the ground, then I began to work as usual.
She saw me and stared at me, then she went back to the cave slowly…
I think that means she is still afraid of me, but I am not sure because I fed her successfully yesterday. I don’t know.
Whether I should turn on the light in the night? Does my activity in the night make her stressed? How long does it take for her to not afraid of me?
By the way, I know ball python will poop and pee after eating, but I don’t know how to find them(I have never seen them before, and I also don’t want to make my pet stressed if I disturb her)

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Ball pythons like dark secluded areas it is likely when you turned on the light your snake felt not as secure. Snakes tolerate us they don’t love like how puppies or kittens do. That being said the fact your snake can find a house away to feel more secure means that even with you turning on the lights the snake had a place to be comfortable. Overall your routine is fine and I’m sure your scaled friend will get use to it some are just more adventurous than others ^^

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ok! thank you!!!

It could be weeks before you see a poop. Don’t panic they can hold waste for a really long time.


ok!! thank you!!

Yw. I remember when my first one didn’t poop for a months I was freaking out inside lol

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yes!! and my girl always sleep in her cave so I am afraid she will poop in her home so I cannot see it easily! The cave will become the hotbeds for bacteria…
By the way, last night she showed a great interest in me!!(she moved closed to me and touched the glass)

It’s a ball python. She doesn’t care one way or another about you she just wants to stay away from any predators and eat. She’ll get used to you and be great handling tho.

I think maybe because she want to know whether I have bring food to her lol

Ball pythons will also use their hide often after a meal to digest.


How often should I feed her? She always seems hungry lol(she is 100g and I give her 10-13g frozen mice)

If going by weight, 10-15% of the snakes body weight once a week.

ok!! Thank you very much

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