Some lovin from last night 😍

  1. Coral Glow (Female Maker) Spinnerblast het Pied x Pied

  2. Leopard Candy poss het Pied x Flame

  3. Banana Clown x Leopard Pastel 66% het Clown

  4. D/H Tornado/ Sandstorm x D/H Tornado/ Sandstorm

  5. Mardi Gras x Lucifer Yellowbelly

  6. Freeway Pastel Coffee Lucifer Mojave x Enchi Pastel Yellowbelly

  7. GHI Mojave x Black Pastel

  8. GHI Black Pewter x Volta

  9. Super Pastel Desert Ghost x Firefly Desert Ghost

  10. Gower Bumblebee Clown x Gower Super Pastel het Clown

11). Super Gravel x Phantom Yellowbelly/Gravel


Yes sir :raised_hands:


That’s some really nice lavender in the female for an adult.


I think we need a snake-hub category for all these threads :wink:

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And videos :rofl:

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Hi, he not Lavender, he’s a Leopard Candy het Pied.
Candy is an awesome gene, so pretty :+1:

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I meant its the best lavender colour of all the different β€˜morphs that look lavinder’ I have seen , especially at that age and size (breeding age).
But Candy Huh? looks like a good morph with lavender in it, to go for a nice lavender colour that lasts.

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