Some positivity in the Giant Snake World

I know us big snake keepers seem to always get hit with negative comments constantly, even from within our own community at times. To me, there is nothing more positive then sharing our love for these amazing giant creatures with children. My son loves these snakes. We spend enough time in the snake room to leave him wanting more, but not too much that he gets burnt out. He hangs out with me while im cleaning the smaller animals and babies, watches and sometimes helps me feed them and his favorite part is cutting the eggs and playing with babies.

We need to get the younger generations involved with these animals as much as possible, or we might as well kiss it goodbye!


Great stuff my man. I love to see people of all ages enjoying these phenomenal species. It’s really encouraging to see persons like your son taking an active part in these sorts of activities. I strongly believe that education and awareness is the number one way to protect all these lovely animals we call our family.


This is so wonderful to see! I love the idea of kids getting experience with snakes at a young age without all the other stuff. Great job.


Couldn’t agree more. Our daughter loves snakes including big ones. It is really important to pass down to generations.

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