Some problems of temperature

The temperature is too low even in the hottest place(it is tested above the heating pad). What can I do? Here are two photos. The first one is the temperature and the humidity, and the second one is the temperature of the heating pad.

Have you got s good quality heat mat?

Didn’t you already make a post about needing some advice on your setup? As stated in that thread, you need a bigger heat mat. It is best to have 1/3 of the bottom of the tank covered with a mat, but you just have a tiny one in the corner. What size of tank do you have and does it have a screen top?

He doesn’t need a bigger heat mat it absolutely doesn’t need to be 30%. That would be the absolute limit for size. The “medium” size he has is fine for a 10gal.

No one puts 10” of heat tape on a rack. You use 4 or 6. Just going by the recommended enclosure size on the package works.
Unless I’m seeing it wrong and that is the smallest size then yeah bump it up but not to a third of the enclosure

I have my heat mats covering 1/3 of my tubs and it keeps the temperature up perfectly, it also gives my snakes a larger area to stay warm and not just a tiny spot. I go by what Emily from Snake Discovery recommends. I would say it at least needs to be 1/4 of the bottom, but 1/3 helps if the only thing you are using is an UTH.

If that works for you then great!

Doesn’t mean he needs to. that size is adequate for a 10gal

I use ipower reptile heating pad, but I think may be it is small

the size is 241812 while the heating pad is 6*8, I have bought a larger one and a ceramic heating lamp. Depending on the acceptance for my python to her new home, I will change the heating pad.

My ball python sleeps in the cave in daytime and explores the new environment in the night. It looks like the air temperature is suitable for her(now is 78-79 F), and the heating pad is 90F

Thank you for your suggestions!!!