Some stuff from the last couple clutches

Clutch 11 was a split clutch (Pastel Enchi GHI & Mystic Russo x Lemonblast). Interestingly, the Pastel Enchi GHI hadn’t been paired since before the female laid in 2020. He was not the sire of her 2020 clutch either.

Super Pastel GHI

Pastel Enchi GHI Pinstripe

Mystic Lemonblast and Russo Lemonblast

Mystics? Maybe one of each?

Clutch 10
Super GHI and what I believe is a Super Pastel Super GHI - Super GHI’s are known to skip their first shed and both these have done that. Once they shed I should be able to tell if they’re going to have the baggy skin thing or not.

Super Enchi Pastel GHI


I agree! And have to say can’t wait to see more pictures of those two!

I’m a fan of this guy/gal as well!

All super nice stuff man for real!

If only they would shed :sob::joy:

I hit a couple of these last year that I kept, it’s one of my favorites so far in Pastel/Enchi/GHI project.

Here’s one with a little size on it.


Love the dark speckling it has going on.

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